Monday, April 30, 2007

Extending the T4 Approach to New Territory

Here's the link to the second T4 related session (Extending-T4-beyond-OpenVMS) that I recently delivered at the Decus Conference in Nuremberg, Germany.

This session focused on what was required to extend the T4 approach beyond OpenVMS to deal with the complexity of other system elements. It included a partial listing of the more than 20 T4-style collectors that have already be created and showed the straightforward step by step approach required to build and benefit from even more new T4-style collectors.

The session also included answers to the question of why extending the T4 approach makes sense and pays off with radical time-saving and productivity enhancements and with much improved ability to integrate data from multiple sources to handle the most complex problems.

A highlight of this for me was the all too brief Put Me on the Spot portion that wrapped up the session by asking the attendees: what one performance challenge are you currently facing that's giving you a hard time? and then discussed specific ways in which the full range of the T4 approach might be brought to bear to uncover and visualize the currently invisible patterns that might hold the key to the solution.

We will be covering much of this material in the T4 sessions planned for the upcoming OpenVMS Technical Bootcamp in Nashua, NH, May 20th-25th. Hope to see you there. We've found that the best way to understand the T4 & Friends approach is to see it live and in action.

I invite you to bring your hardest problem and take a Put Us on the Spot challenge. Over the course of the Boot Camp week, there should be plenty of opportunity and time for the T4 team to to help you discover the ways that T4 can help you the most with your specific issues.

If you would like to get started early, you can contact me via email here.

Latest T4 Enhacements presentation at German Decus Conference

Here's a link to my recent presentation on the latest T4 enhancements from the just completed German Decus Conference held in Nuremberg.

Attendance at the OpenVMS track sessions was strong and there seems to be a continuing interest in the T4 & Friends approach to performance.

At the upcoming OpenVMS Technical Bootcamp set for May 20th-25th in Nashua, NH, there will be another chance to learn about these most recent improvements to the T4 & Friends suite of tools during the two planned T4 sessions set for Monday and Tuesday morning. Hope to see you all there because the best ways to understand the enhancements in tools such as TLViz and CSVPNG is to see them in action.

If you would like to have copies of the latest versions of TLViz and CSVPNG, you can download them here.

As we noted in this earlier post, this year's bootcamp is going to be awash in a wide variety of great performance sessions. I'll be updating the performance track write up soon and posting it here to take into account the latest adjustments in the agenda, bios and abstracts.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

VPN - The VMS Podcast Network

Here's the link to the main page of's VMS Podcast Network or VPN.

If you have suggestions for future T4 & Friends podcast topics, please let me know.

I'll be updating the Audio Download page at with the title of each T4 & Friends episode to make it easier for you to find the podcast you want.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Amazing Performance Track Set for the Upcoming OpenVMS Boot Camp

The 2007 OpenVMS Technical Boot Camp is set for May 20th through 25th.

There are going to be an amazing number of performance sessions and sessions with significant performance content at this year’s boot camp. For those interested in OpenVMS performance, I have created an abbreviated agenda that shows just the performance track sessions.

You can find the performance track agenda as a pdf at:


or here as a Word doc


I hope you find this useful for helping you navigate through all the available sessions. This way, you can plan your week so you don’t miss out on any of the performance sessions that are going to be most helpful to you.

If you haven’t already signed up for the boot camp, this is your chance to get to listen to an array of legendary speakers covering more than a dozen different ways to look at OpenVMS performance. Take a quick scan of the speaker name column and the session titles and you will see what I mean.

If you are interested in OpenVMS performance and especially if you are interested in learning more about the T4 & Friends approach to performance, I am looking forward to meeting you during the week. You can find me as one of the co-speakers in the two T4 sessions given early in the week and at the Partner’s Roundhouse.

Best regards,

Steve Lieman

Note: This performance track document was created from the full and complete preliminary boot camp agenda which can be found here. Changes will happen. The final agenda will be published as soon as possible. Please check the Bootcamp Home Page to keep up with the latest changes. Here are some other links you might find handy.

» All session abstracts

» All speaker bios

Updated: 27 April 2007 with link to Pdf version. Hat tip to Colin Butcher for this suggestion

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Audio Segments on T4 & Friends

Since the beginning of the year and starting with Episode 3, I have been contributing regular audio segments on a variety of T4 & Friends subjects to the new VMS Audio Update (VAU) published at OpenVMS.ORG where you can find all the full VAU episodes and program notes. Each one runs about 30 minutes and the T4 segments are typically about 6-10 minutes long.

If you are interested in T4 and in leveraging the power of your most important system performance trend data, I hope you will find this audio approach fun and informative.

If you would like to listen to the T4 segments again or several segments all at once, you can now find these as standalone MP3 audio sessions at:'s Audio page.

If you have suggestions for future sessions, please let me know.

You can find more information about the professional performance and trend analysis services offered by at our home web page.

We will be using this Trends That Matter blog for the latest news and updates in the world of T4 & Friends, and for related developments of tools and methods for making the best use of trend data.