Sunday, May 13, 2007

Boot Camp Performance Track Abstracts

To complement the OpenVMS Technical Boot Camp Performance Track Schedule we recently posted, here's the link to the corresponding Performance Track Abstracts for just those sessions that focus exclusively on performance or those sessions that are likely to have some significant performance related content.

You may find this a convenient way to figure out which of these many performance related sessions is going to prove most helpful to your needs.

For those interested in OpenVMS performance, the Boot Camp May 20-25 is definitely going to be the place to be. Hope to see you there.

Breaking News: Special T4 Workshop Friday May 18th

For those arriving early for the boot camp, an additional T4 & Friends session has been scheduled as a full day, hands-on workshop.

Date: Friday May 18th

Place: HP's ZKO-3 facility, Spitbrook Road, Nashua NH

For full details, please check out the session abstract


Extending T4 Beyond OpenVMS - Audio Tip #7 now available

The newest edition of the VMS Audio Update (VAU #9) is now available from This editions includes a new segment with the latest T4 Audio Tip (#7) focusing on how to easily and profitably extend the T4 approach beyond OpenVMS by designing and building new collectors.

The full collection T4 Audio Tips are available individually for listening or for download from Trends That Matter — Audio Downloads.

Latest version of CSVPNG now available

Version 1.0-123 of CSVPNG (09-MAY-2007) is now available for download from the Trends that Matter Tools Download Page.

This includes the latest improvements and bug fixes as documented in the csvpng_changelog.txt document included in the kit.

The most recent version of TLViz and the TLViz started kit are also available from the same download page.